Friday, 9 August 2013

The Argentinian Food Experience

This past month I had the most amazing experience travelling Argentina! Aside from the amazing people, night life, scenery, music, and wine that make up this gorgeous country...the FOOD was (obviously) something I had the most excitement over. I know it's not in the 416, in my beloved Toronto, but I still want to share some of the food highlights from my trip! 
Hot Chocolate (The milk comes piping hot, with separate pieces of chocolate to add yourself for melting)
Empanada (I had too many of these to count during this trip) They come with a variety of fillings. The most common is ground beef with hard boiled egg and spices.
Choripan (street meat) 
Milanese Sandwich
Argentina is known for their beef. This is an example of a fast food menu....pure steak.
Dinner at Don Julio's
Papas Fritas aka fries
Chimichurri for the meat. A mix of green herbs, chilli's and olive oil. 
Panqueque con Dulce De Leche. (Pancake with caramel sauce) This dessert was addicting. I had it many many times throughout the trip from numerous restaurants.
Dinner at the famous La Cabrera
Sides for the steak
Chocolate mousse Brownie
More empanadas
Sorrentini pasta (stuffed with ricotta)
Ravioli in a cream sauce
Dinner at El Arrabel 
Various meats, steaks, chorizo, blood sausage.
Four cheese pizza
Mate (argentinian tea) 
Meat and cheese platter 
Gnocchi with bolognese sauce
Pasta with ham and cream sauce
Ham and cheese croissant 
Cheeseburger from the famous Cafe Tortoni
Spinach pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms.

I miss this food and I miss this country. 

Happy Eating!

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