Saturday, 21 September 2013


Jangwon is a Korean BBQ restaurant, located at Bloor and Christie. I came here a little while a go to satisfy my Korean food craving, and I wasn't disappointed!  They offer an 'All you can eat' menu with one choice of meat or you can order from their regular menu.
We started with shots of soju in beer. Surprisinlgy delicious and refreshing.
We opted for the Pork meat 'All you can eat' bbq. It came with 2 different cuts of pork meat for the cookin'.
Our meal also came with many complimentary sides. 
Lettuce (to use as lettuce wraps for the pork meat)
Bean sprouts
Chopped greens with Korean spice
Dips and sauce
I enjoyed my Korean BBQ experience at Jangwon. Although the service was a little slow, and there is nothing particular intriguing to the interior of this restaurant, the food was very descent and the flavours were great. If you are the area, check this place out! 

Happy Eating!
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