Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cardinal Rule

What a disappointment this restaurant was. Cardinal Rule was featured on the Food Network's 'You Gotta Eat Here', so I decided to try it for myself. Some things that we ordered were O.K but for the most part, everything brought to the table was quite disappointing.
This is Gin and lemonade (It was the special drink for the day). This was fine, it was refreshing and I enjoyed the real blackberries floating around.
The macaroni and cheese maki. After seeing this dish featured on T.V, I was expecting it to be great. This was one of the things we ordered that I did like. It was good. I found that it needed more sauce on the side.
Mushroom Pappardelle. This was a HUGE disappointment. The noodles were hard (not to be mistaken for al dente, or perfectly cooked) and extremely chewy. When ordering this dish, the waitress expressed how creamy and delicious the sauce is for this. There was barely any creamy sauce to be found rather it was quite dry. Needless to say,  I didn't finish the pasta (it is rare that I don't finish a pasta dish).
Our waitress told us The Beef Brisket Sandwich was the best thing on the entire menu. Again, this was just O.K. Nothing special.
Pork Quesadilla. This dish was swimming in grease. Hugely un-appetizing. When brought to the attention of our server, she kindly took it off our bill, as she could see it was inedible. 

Overall, Cardinal Rule number 1: Don't eat here. 

Happy Eating! (hopefully elsewhere)
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