Thursday, 30 August 2012

I heart Sushi

For those that know me well, know that I frequently order in random sushi feasts! While being cozy in my apartment, the convenience of sushi delivery never fails to put a smile on my face. Side note: obviously sushi is never as good when delivered as is it if you eat at the restaurant, but sometimes laziness prevails.
I just moved to a new hood and have been trying out sushi delivery places in my area. I love Sushi is my latest try. I ordered in some tasty sushi and it hit the spot. Heres what I got:

Spicy Tuna Roll - my favourite sushi roll.
 Spicy Crunchy Avocado
 Green Dragon Roll - Shrimp Tempura on the inside, topped with avocado
 My meal came with a free California Roll ...score! (I normally never order california rolls, but I wouldn't turn down free food)
 Gyoza. Vegetable filled dumplings.
All of this food also came with a miso soup and green salad. I spent around 25 bucks for everything. 
I enjoyed my delivered sushi from I love Sushi. The tuna roll had a good amount of tuna in it, the spicy avocado roll was actually spicy and the dumplings were crispy and full of flavour. The prices were very reasonable. I would get sushi delivered from this place again. 

Happy Eating!
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