Monday, 19 November 2012

Bacchus Roti

I am SO happy I stumbled upon Bacchus Roti Shop last week. This restaurant, which serves up Guyanese and Barbadian cuisine, is delicious. The menu isn't super extensive; most items are displayed on a large chalk board hanging on the wall. They have various rotis (meat and vegetarian) that are massive and pretty cheap. My meal here was memorable:
 Mango Drink. This was sweet and refreshing.
 I ordered the Goat Roti with spinach, squash and chickpeas. 
My first bite of the roti had me hooked. The flavours worked so well together. The goat was tender and full of flavour, the squash added a hint of sweetness and the spinach just melded everything together. This is probably my favourite roti I have tried so far in Toronto. I can't wait to come back to Bacchus and try more from their menu. If you are in the Parkdale area, I highly recommend stopping by Bacchus roti...I am sure you will leave stuffed and satisfied!

Happy Eating!
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