Saturday, 7 April 2012

416 Snack Bar

416 Snack Bar is one of the newer buzzin restaurants in Toronto!  It has gotten a lot of well-deserved hype lately. This restaurant is cozy, laid back and has a great vibe. The music is right, the lighting is inviting, and the food is excellent.
They serve small plates, no more than 10 items on the menu and offer no utensils. I have been here numerous times, and although it is hard to get a seat most nights, it is worth waiting for. 

The Lobster Roll – it is tasty, but veeerrrrrryyyy rich and buttery. A little too rich for me.
The Mini Mac is 10 times better than an actual big mac, even if it is a quarter of the size. (This is usually the special on Sundays). I really recommend giving it a try.
The Scotch Eggs Benny are fantastic!
This is the Fish Bun. I was hesitant to try this…but I am so glad I did. So good!
The Oysters are incredibly delicious and refreshing. 

On other visits I have tried the Rueben sandwich, Pork Bun and the Cannoli. I always enjoy the food; it is truly fantastic. I have been telling all my friends to go here, and I am now telling YOU too. GO TRY THIS PLACE!!

Happy Eating! 
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