Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wild Ginger

This past weekend I tried out a new sushi restaurant: Wild Ginger. It was descent food, and overall a pretty standard sushi restaurant. It was an 'All You Can Eat' deal, and the prices were very reasonable ($12.99 lunch, $22.99 dinner). We ordered tons of rolls (spicy tuna, white tuna, green dragon, dynamite) and some side dishes (chicken katsu, gyoza, spring rolls). These are all pictured below! 
One dish in particular that I loved was the spicy crab sushi pizza. Order this if you try out this restaurant! The crab sits on top of a delicious guacamole, which is on a fried rice patty. The whole thing is covered in spicy sauce, and the flavours work very well together! 

This restaurant just opened, and I have been twice. The interior is modern, clean and spacious. If you are in this area and craving 'All You Can Eat' sushi, try out Wild Ginger! 

Happy Eating!

Wild Ginger
201-389 Church St. Toronto M5B 2E5
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