Thursday, 28 June 2012


I dined at Acadia last weekend and loved it! This quaint little restaurant is located in Little Italy and serves up some well executed, high quality food. The service was really impeccable. From our attentive waiter, who was friendly and making us laugh, to the bartender who made a point to come personally make sure we were enjoying our drinks, and then to the tasty, beautifully presented dishes, this place gets 2 thumbs up in my books. 
I apologize for the pictures. They are not the best quality (a little on the bright side) 
But here we go: We started with some delicious cocktails. We tried probably 8 different ones during our dinner. ALL of which were fantastic and refreshing. 
We started with the Kolapore Springs Trout. Which was served raw, and along side juniper capers, asparagus spear and a quail egg. The flavours in this dish were very well balanced.
Then came the Prawns cooked 2 ways. One was poached in butter, and the other fried. Again, a very balanced and tasty dish. This came along side  a rhubarb puree and marinated celery. Delish.
I was told the shrimp and grits was one of the staple menu items at this restaurant, so of course I had to try it. It was PERFECT. So full of flavour. I loved every bite and was genuinely sad when it was all gone.
This is the Veal Cheek. This was fabulous. The meat was tender and melted in my mouth with every bite. The side dishes (caramelized onion puree, mushroom medley) were the perfect pairing for the meat.
 This is the Albacore tuna, which came raw and wrapped in seaweed. The tuna was fresh and had good flavour. This came a long side tiny potatoes with dill, and a chickpea brown butter. All flavours really worked on this plate.
I loved every second of being here. It was a great atmosphere. The food was excellent quality and the ambiance was inviting and classy without being pretentious. 

I highly recommend giving this place a try.!

Happy Eating
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