Tuesday, 12 June 2012


This past weekend I dined at Scarpetta. I have heard fantastic things about this restaurant and was pretty excited to finally eat here. This is celebrity chef Scott Conant's restaurant and he has two other locations: New York and Las Vegas. I was pretty impressed with the majority of the food. Everything was fresh, and you can tell they use high quality ingredients. Let's start from the beginning, shall we? 
This is probably the best complimentary bread-basket I have ever had. There was an assortment of different types of breads, and even Stromboli (bread stuffed with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and salami).  It was served with Olive oil, an eggplant spread, and whipped butter. DELISH!
We started with the Salumi Plate. This was fantastic. The flavours were completely balanced given the variety. There was pate's, spreads, and an assortment of different meats all served with crostini. This was a highlight of the meal for sure.
I ordered the Spaghetti with tomato and Basil. I ordered this because this is what Scott is known for. I also ordered this because it was featured on the food networks 'The Best Thing I ever Ate'. I thought the spaghetti was good. But it didn't blow my mind the way I really thought it would. This might be due to the fact that I am Italian, have grown up eating excellent Italian food from my Grandmas Kitchen, and Italy itself. It was a descent pasta dish. Not the best I've had.
This Agnolotti on the other hand was absolutely fantastic. So rich in flavour. These pillows of pasta were stuffed with short rib, bone marrow, horseradish and brown butter. This was by far my favourite thing brought to the table. 
The Roasted Chicken was pretty delicious. The chicken was perfectly cooked. It was juicy and moist. The sauce reduction added such depth to everything else on the plate. The asparagus were cooked perfectly. Everything on the plate worked well together. It was definitely an impressive entree. 

Overall, Scarpetta gets thumbs up from me! It was a memorable meal. I am excited to come back and try other things on their menu. 

If you haven't been to Scarpetta I recommend giving it a try. 


Happy Eating!
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