Friday, 22 June 2012

My Top 5 Sushi Restaurants in the City

  1)   Sushi on Bloor 
Without a doubt, this is definitely the sushi restaurant I most often frequent in Toronto. The fish is always fresh, the menu is very reasonably priced and the over all atmosphere is great. Sushi on Bloor typically has lineups out the door for their lunch and dinner rushes; with food this good, it’s no wonder why. My favorite’s from here are: white tuna handroll, spicy crunchy tuna roll and the grilled squid. If you haven’t been to Sushi on Bloor, please go. You won’t be disappointed! 

2)   BlowFish 
Blow Fish is a higher end/fine dining sushi experience. It is on the more expensive side but I must say the food is brilliant, and worth the dough. Everything I have tried from here is fantastic and beautifully presented. This restaurant is sleek, modern and fancy on the inside and I felt the food reflected this vision as well. My favorite’s from Blowfish are: spicy rock shrimp, giant ebi shooter, Okinawan makimono and spicy tuna makimono. They also have excellent cocktails!

  3)   Sushi Inn 
Sushi Inn is located in Yorkville and serves up delicious sushi. For a Yorkville restaurant, the prices at Sushi Inn are very inexpensive. They serve the classics you would find at any sushi restaurant, but here they are done perfectly. You can taste the quality of ingredients with each bite.  Give it a try!

4)   Aji Sai
Aji Sai is an ‘All you Can Eat’ sushi restaurant with a couple locations around Toronto. Although the service is never really that great (servers are usually inattentive and not very friendly) the food hits the spot and is pretty satisfying. They offer the classic sushi items and side dishes that you will find at standard ‘All You Can Eat’ place, but they also serve some not so typical items as well. Particularly they have some interesting types of special makimono (sushi rolls).  For an all you can eat sushi experience this is the place I usually go to. 

5)   Mi – Ne Sushi
I have blogged already about this sushi restaurant, but I definitely needed to include it on this list. Mi-Ne Sushi is located on Bremner Blvd and serves up some delicious Japanese food. Check out my post ‘An Excellent Sushi Restaurant Discovery’ to get more of the scoop on this restaurant!

There you have it. My personal favourite Sushi Restaurants in Toronto. I know with sushi, everyone’s opinions can really vary on what they like and what they don’t enjoy so much. I hope to try some more Japanese restaurants in the future, and add to this list!

Happy Eating!
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  1. mmmmmmmmm I feel like sushi now! lol

    1. haha I know! I was pretty much drooling while writing this whole post! lol and I followed it up by ordering in some sushi!

  2. haha! I heard you're going to be home this weekend, all us cousins should go out for sushi!

    1. ooooo thats a great idea! lets seriously make that happen! Erica also mentioned having a cousin bonfire and drinks at your place? Im excited! See ya soon!

  3. Yeah Sunday night I think she said....maybe sushi lunch Monday? lol