Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Eat My Martini

Eat My Martini, located right in the heart of Little Italy, is a pretty descent spot for well priced mixed drinks, and of course martini's. Their martini menu is massive, over 130 different martini's. It is quite the steal at 5 dollar martini's during the week and 6 dollars on weekends! My friends and I came the other night and tried a wide variety of different martinis. The most unique one we tried was the 'Pork-U-Pine' which had vodka, bacon syrup, bacon crumples and chocolate liqueur. Let's just say....I wouldn't order that one again....ever. The rest of our martini choices were really tasty. 
Eat My Martini also has a small food menu. I have tried a couple items off their menu on other previous visits, but its nothing to rave about. It's definitely a place where you come for the well priced drinks! 
Overall, this restaurant/bar has a nice atmosphere, and offers a massive variety of drinks that are pretty tasty. I'm sure anyone (even if you are a picky drinker) can find a drink they will like from their vast drink menu!


Happy Eating!
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