Monday, 16 July 2012

M&B Yummy

This last year, I have discovered that I am a HUGE fan of Ethiopian food. I crave it often and have tried some really great spots around Toronto. I recently went to M&B Yummy (located at Queen and Dufferin) and dined on some flavourful food. The restaurant was recommended to me by a friend praising the excellent food and very cheap prices. How could I NOT check it out?
We started with the Samosas filled with lentils. They had good flavour, but I felt they really needed some sort of dipping sauce (which they didn't come with).

We shared the Vegetarian Platter (a steal at only $9!) This was really, really good! I seriously loved every bite. The injera (the spongy crepe-like bread) soaked up the flavours of everything. There was chickpea shiro wot, red lentil wot, cabbage stew, bean and carrots, collard greens, and yellow beans. Every bite had a great depth of flavour. Eating these items separately, or mixing them all together with some injera was delicious. It is the perfect amount of spicy heat; not overpowering, but enough to tickle the tongue. I will definitely be back to M&B Yummy and you should too!

Happy Eating!
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