Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Enoteca Sociale

I have been eager to dine at Enoteca Sociale for quite some time now, and am so happy to share the experience with you! This restaurant has a great ambiance and is casual, warm and inviting. We started our meal off with a bottle of delicious white wine called Oris. We were informed this was their last bottle in stock and it cannot be found in any LCBO. We were lucky to get our hands on it because it was seriously delicious.
Complimentary Bread basket. This came with focaccia bread, a crusty sourdough type bread and olive oil. I honestly couldn't get enough of this bread. The focaccia tasted just like my grandma's. It was heavenly.
We shared Beef Tongue. It was thinly cut slices of beef, topped with pear, capers, jalapeƱo and salsa verde. It was spicy, sweet and tangy all at once. The beef had so much flavour. Everything on this plate worked perfectly together.
 We also tried the Salumi Board. This came with a variety of 'Crown Salumi' and pickled garnishes. 
We shared two pastas for our mains. The first was the Gnocchi with tomato,'nudja, stracciatella and basil. The gnocchi literally melted in my mouth. The tomato sauce had a nice kick of spice which paired well with the light cheese on top.
The second pasta dish was the Autumn squash anolini with pickled chanterelles, parsley and hazelnut. This had a little sweetness to it. It felt like I was eating a perfect dish for the fall season. I really enjoyed it.
Overall, I really really really enjoyed my dinner at Enoteca Sociale. It has been a while since I have had good Italian food in the city. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. I am eager to go back and try more dishes they have to offer!

Happy Eating!
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