Thursday, 4 October 2012


Noka is a relatively new restaurant located in the Annex. Serving up Contemporary Japanese food, Noka seems to be a popular place in this hood. My friend and I were in the area, noticed the new restaurant, and decided to give it a try. 

The complimentary taro was light and crispy. A nice way to start the meal.
Green Salad. This was a pretty standard 'sushi restaurant' green salad.
Vegetable gyoza. These dumplings were very tasty. I found the dipping sauce to be a little too peppery and overpowering. The flavour of the gyoza was lost when dipped. However, standing alone, the gyoza had a nice flavour.
The Stuffed Tuna (Tuna, scallop, spicy sauce, rice and avocado) This was fabulous. It was delicate and well balanced in flavour.
Spicy Crab Roll. I enjoyed this roll.
BBQ eel and Avocado Roll. This roll was just O.K in my books.
Spicy Tuna Roll. This was a big miss for me. I didn't enjoy the flavours in this roll at all.
Overall, Noka had some hits and some misses. I would like to come back to try different dishes and hopefully experience the food at a higher potential. The service was very friendly and attentive. The decor and ambiance were nice. We'll see what Noka round 2 has to offer. 

Happy Eating!
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