Tuesday, 12 February 2013


What a pleasant surprise Koja Restaurant was! My friends and I were perusing liberty village last night looking for a place to eat. Most places were closing, so we stumbled in to Koja restaurant (as it was still open).  We were hungry and not expecting much from this tiny place…boy were we wrong. This place was fantastic! Koja is located on Atlantic Ave and serves up sushi and bibimbap and some other Korean dishes.  Here’s what we had:
Green Salad. 
Seaweed Salad beautifully presented in a martini glass.
Chicken Teriyaki. The chicken was tender and the sauce was tasty. 
Salmon Salad roll (no rice). I didn't try this one,  but my friend raved about how delicious it was.
Spicy Crab Roll. This was seriously delicious. Probably the best roll I've had in a long time. Koja uses purple rice, which has a slew of health benefits (all listed on their menu). I didn't find a huge difference in flavour from this rice to normal sushi rice. 
Kimchi Soup. This was nicely balanced in flavour. There was pork, tofu, veggies, kimchi and a side of their purple rice (pictured below). It was spicy and full of flavour. I enjoyed it. 
I found that everything brought to our table was well presented. I was actually surprised with how delicious everything tasted. I can't wait to come back and try more from Koja's menu! If you are in the area, you should definitely check this place out.

Happy Eating!
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  1. I've been to Koja sushi a couple times now and it's definitely some of the best sushi I've EVER had! All of the seafood tastes extremely fresh, and the portion sizes are incredible based on their reasonable prices. All dishes are presented in beautiful, creative ways. And I love the purple rice! I highly recommend the Chirashi Platter - I had it as a lunch special, I'm not sure if they offer it at dinner as well. Very unexpected - amazing sushi!