Saturday, 13 April 2013

Electric Mud BBQ

Parkdale is really booming with lots of new restaurants opening this year! Electric Mud BBQ is new to the hood, and brought to us by the same people behind Grand Electric. The menu is fairly small with lots of meaty items, some sides, and a few desserts. The restaurant itself is a pretty tight space. It has loud music and low lighting. I found the service to be excellent. Everyone was very friendly, and attentive. Here's what I had on my visit: 
Crack Rolls. These buns were actually delicious. The butter along side took the bread to another level. I couldn't put my finger what was in this butter...but I loved it. 
Shrimp and Grits. This dish was actually my favourite of the night. It was perfection. It came with jumbo shrimp, some pulled pork (I think that's what it was), and creamy grits.  You MUST try this if you go here. 
Pig Tails. These tails had very nice flavour, however they were really really really fatty. Although the fat wasn't chewy at all, it was merely pure was too much for my liking. I can see how other people would love it though.
Ribs. These ribs were good. I was wanting them to be a bit more saucy. But overall, they were tasty! 
Fried Chicken. This chicken was some of the most moist fried chicken I've had. The crispy exterior was flavourful and crunchy as it should be. It came with a side of honey for dipping. My friend and I were too full at this point to finish the chicken, but I got it to go, and it was just as good the next day! 

The restaurant was super busy, and I can understand why...the food is great. Although the food was tasty, I left feeling a little bloated from all the meat and grease. On another visit, I would opt for a little less of the meat, and try some of their veggies sides for a lighter pairing.
On that note, if you are craving some meaty goodness, check out Electric Mud BBQ! 

Happy Eating! 
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