Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Porzia just opened a few months ago and is yet another new Parkdale gem! This restaurant has a smaller menu, that feels a little Italian inspired.  Some things were a hit some things were a miss, so lets get right to it shall we?
We  started with a bottle of Pecorino white wine. Always a perfect way to start a meal.
Hamachi Crudo. This was the special of the day. Sliced yellow fin tuna, with pickled veggies. I enjoyed this dish. The tuna was velvety. The subtle texture of the fish paired well with the crunchy bites of pickled goodness.
Cavallo Tonnato. (Horse meat with dollops of tuna in a paste form) I felt this dish was lacking in flavor a little. The sauce on the bottom of the plate was nice, but I was wishing there was more. The meat was a twee dry for my liking.
Lingua. Beef tongue, with grainy mustard and crostini. I snapped this photo after we started getting in to the dish. It was presented nicer when it arrived. I really liked this dish. Everything worked well together. The meat was very moist.
Chicken Liver Agnolotti with mushroom in a butter sauce. This dish was BY FAR the highlight of the night. It was seriously good. I loved every bite. The butter sauce was rich, the filling in the hand made pasta was so flavourful.
For dessert we opted for the angel food cake with ricotta cream, candied pine nuts and rhubarb. It was just okay. 
Zeppole. Small italian style chocolate donuts, with an eggplant mousse. This was a very disappointing dessert. The donuts were bitter and overall just not enjoyable.
Ended the meal with Porzia's Fortune's Fool cocktail. I believe this had Campari, pineapple, and a brazilian liqueur. It was a nice end to the meal. 
Aside from the not so enjoyable desserts, I enjoyed my experience at Porzia. Our waitress was incredibly friendly and knowledgable. I liked how the ambiance was not stuffy or pretentious. I enjoyed most of the dishes that came to our table. I am still thinking about that chicken liver angolotti! If you are in the area, you should check this place out! 

Happy Eating! 
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