Sunday, 27 May 2012

Appetizer Party

My friend and I decided to host an appetizer party this past weekend. We are both lovers of food (obviously) and wanted to share this love with our friends. We made a bunch of different tasty finger foods for everyone to enjoy! The party was a hit! The appetizers were delish, tummy's were filled and laughs were had by all!  
I would love to share with you the food we made. Everything was pretty easy to execute and had good flavour. So here they are:
Cucumber Cups filled with whipped cream cheese, topped with smoked salmon and a caper. 
Goat cheese and roasted red pepper tortilla pinwheels. (This is stupidly easy but always yummy)
Devilled Eggs. Can't mess with a classic dish. 
Honey Dew melon, with a whiskey/maple glaze filled with prosciutto. This was the biggest crowd pleaser of the night!
Can't have a summer party without Sangria! 
Guacamole. (Again, this is so simple, but it's light a refreshing option for any appetizer party) 
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms. (Stuffing: crab, cream cheese, red peppers, celery and onion) So tasty!
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts. With a soy sauce glaze. mmm mmm good.

Overall the appetizer party = SUCCESS 

Happy Eating!

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