Friday, 11 May 2012


I have walked, driven and biked by Banjara restaurant many many times. The big orange/yellow sign out front would always catch my attention. I used to frequently remind myself that this is a restaurant I need to try. Well...last week, the time finally came; I ate at Banjara. The verdict: Delish! 
The restaurant was very busy, filled with lots of people coming and going. The servers were friendly and the food was really really tasty. 
We started with Onion Baji. They were good. The two sauces (I'm not sure exactly what they were called) added to the flavour of the baji.
The Garlic Naan had a lot of flavour. However I found it to be a twee too greasy. Next time I would order just the regular naan bread. 
This is the Daal with Lentils and Spinach. It had a very earthy taste. It was hearty and quite good.
The Lamb Masala was by far the best thing on the table. We devoured it. The lamb was perfectly tender and full of flavour. Mmmmm...I wish I had more... right now!

Sitting outside on Banjara's Patio, feeling the warm breeze of spring, sipping wine and consuming food with depths of flavour, was an excellent experience. I would definitely recommend eating at this restaurant!

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