Sunday, 20 May 2012

One of A Kind Dinner - Round 2

I have previously blogged about the fantastic ‘One of a Kind Dinner’ event held by Clint Rampold and Lisa Chessari. Today I will blog about it again. Why? Because I attended another one of these dinners and because it is a truly fantastic dining experience.
The theme for the most recent One of A Kind Dinner was ‘The Red Violin’ and the dress code: RED!! Again, it was such an enjoyable evening. The food was incredible (as always), the atmosphere was welcoming, and the company was social and fun. 
We started the dinner with an Amuse Bouche of goat cheese stuffed peripherals, with bacon crumble and smoked dulce. This was packed with delicious flavour.
The first Appi was a  pulled pork and beef terrine with a consommé gelatin.  Along side sits a Green Salad with blue cheese, walnuts and cranberries. Delish! 
The second appetizer was a rice paper pouch, stuffed with fennel rice and shrimp. Along side of this were calamari, shrimp, fiddleheads and a lobster cream. The lobster cream was mouthwatering and added a creamy, delicate flavor to each bite.
Our main was beef tenderloin, butternut squash puree, stuffed potato dumplings and vegetables (asparagus, kale and pearl onions). Everything on this plate was done perfectly. I can’t even begin to explain how UNBELIEVABLE the potato dumplings were. Those dumplings were my favorite things of the entire evening. 
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We finished the meal with a white chocolate cake with mango and blackberry mousse. Drizzled with Milk Chocolate Caramel sauce. It was stunning. It was the perfect sweetness to end an exquisite meal.

I will say for the second time, this once a month dinner event completely lives up to its name.  For more information on 'One of A Kind Dinner',check out this website:

Happy Eating!

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