Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dolce Gelato


Dolce Gelato in Little Italy is my FAVOURITE place to have gelato! They offer a large selection of flavours, and the gelato is always on point. It is light, velvety in texture, and always packed with flavor. I usually like to take my gelato and walk around little Italy on a nice summer day, but if you’re not into that, you can sit, relax and enjoy your tasty treat on Dolce's outdoor patio. If you haven’t tried the gelato from here….then you are missing out.  From the rich chocolate based flavours, to the fruity scoops of goodness, all the gelato at Dolce is done right.
On this trip I had a scoop of lemon (I never go to a gelato restaurant without getting at least one scoop of it) and a scoop of pink grapefruit.  Talk about refreshing!
Go check this place out, I hope you enjoy the gelato from Dolce as much as I do!


Happy Eating!
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