Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hot 'N Dog

I have been weirdly really craving a hot dog..... So I decided to check out Hot 'N Dog in Parkdale.
This small take out joint is all about the experience of dressing up your hot dog with TONS of traditional or wacky ingredients. There are over 60 different toppings to chose from. From whipped cream, to cheese whiz, to ritz crackers, Hot 'N Dog doesn't fail to give variety. Once you pay for your dog, you can get unlimited amount of toppings...for free! 
My sister and I got 2 hot dogs for the low price of 5 bucks. We decided to be a little adventurous with our topping choices. The first dog had crispy onions, coleslaw, chipotle sauce and a little garlic mayonnaise. 
The second dog was topped with hickory sticks, bacon bits and garlic mayonnaise. 
This is the poutine with added ketchup. 
Okay, overall....the hot dogs were OK..nothing amazing. Maybe the combinations we chose just weren't the best. If I come back, I would definitely try a different combo for the dogs. I found the bread was not the best quality. It tasted like it was not very fresh. The poutine was very disappointing. Not a great poutine by any standards. They didn't use cheese curds, just grated mozzarella..and there was not enough gravy. I wouldn't order it again. On a different note, it's enjoyable to have fun with your food, and have the option to decorate a hot dog with whatever you could possibly want. 

Happy Eating!
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