Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pho Asia 21

Pho Asia 21 is a little restaurant at King and Dufferin that serves up Vietnamese food. I came here recently and ordered: 

Fresh spring rolls with shrimp. These were tasty. The satay/hoisan sauce that came along side for dipping was a great pair with the rolls.
This crab soup in tomato broth on the other hand....was horrible. I had a couple bites and couldn't eat anymore. I didn't enjoy the flavour one bit.
My sister ordered a regular rare beef pho (I don't have a picture of this). She wasn't overly impressed with the soup. 

Overall, I'm not sure I would dine at Pho Asia 21 again. If I did, I will be sure to NOT order the crab soup. 

Happy Eating!

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