Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sunrise House

After travelling to South Korea last summer, I discovered my love for Korean cuisine. I recently went to Sunrise House at Bloor and Christie (right in Toronto's Korea town) and dined on some delicious Korean eats. Heres what I had: 

An assortment of side dishes
 Glass noodles
 A spinach seaweed combination
 Bean Sprouts
 Cucumbers in a kimchi style sauce (these were very refreshing)
Potato (this was my favourite side dish. They had some sweetness to them)
Kimchi seafood pancake. This was crisp and delicious. I loved the flavour. There was bits of calamari and octopus. The sauce that came along side for dipping was the perfect match for the pancake. It was tangy and made every bite yummy.
Beef Ribs. These ribs were excellent. The meat was moist and had a depth of flavour. They came on a sizzling hot plate on top of onions. The juices from the meat and the hot plate ended up caramelizing the onions so by the time the meat was finished, the onions were tender and sweet.
Bibim Naeng Myun. This was cold noodles with a special hot paste. It came with julienned cucumbers, hardboiled egg, and beef. 
All stirred up. I really enjoyed these noodles. All the different flavours in the bowl worked well together.
Overall, I really enjoyed the food from Sunrise house. It is a smaller restaurant and has limited space. The interior is nothing special, but the service was friendly. The food is great and the prices are cheap. If you are craving delicious Korean food, check out Sunrise House!

Happy Eating!
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