Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kotta Sushi

Kotta Sushi is a Japanese restaurant located at King and Dufferin (my hood). I came here with a friend a while ago  because it is so close to where I live..how could I NOT try it? ...Sadly, it was a very disappointing meal. Although the decor was nice, and service was friendly...the food missed the mark by a long shot. Heres what we ordered:
 Seaweed Salad
 Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Crab Roll, and Unagi Roll. The Unagi was the most enjoyable.
Close up of the tuna roll. The roll was tasted soooo fishy (in a bad way). The tuna was chopped so finely I could barely see it.
 Close up of the Salmon Roll. Again, the salmon was chopped a little too finely for my liking. The overall flavour was just ...meh.
Gyoza (these were actually tasty) 

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with Kotta Sushi. The food wasn't very good. Simple as that.

Happy Eating! (not here) Kotta Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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