Thursday, 6 December 2012

Khao San Road

I haven't had REALLY great Thai food in Toronto in a long time. This changed last week when I checked out Khao San Road. This restaurant, located in the entertainment district, does thai food right.
We started with the Thai Iced Tea. I'm not joking, when I walked in...every person in the restaurant was sipping on one of these. So obviously, we needed to try it. It is black tea, thai spices and condensed milk over ice. My friend really liked this, personally it wasn't my cup of tea.
Spring Rolls. These were yummy. The chicken in these bad boys was marinated to give each bite a burst of flavour. The sauce along side was a great pair.
Kho Soi. This is braised beef and egg noodles in a coconut curry with crispy noodles on top. I loved every bite of this dish. It was rich and full of flavour. The beef was tender and the crispy noodles on top added a nice contrast in texture.
Chicken Pad Thai (street style)
Shrimp Pad Thai (street style). The pad thai's were great. One of the best pad thai's I have had in the city by a long shot. Noodles were perfectly cooked, sauce was on point and it tasted authentic.

Overall, Khao San Road delivered on all accounts. Great food, great atmosphere, and attentive and friendly staff. I will definitely be back to this restaurant. If you haven't tried it yet, GO ... NOW!!

Happy Eating!
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