Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Black Hoof

I don't know how it took me so long, but I finally made it to The Black Hoof!! I came here the other night, and ordered up some fantastic eats. 
Bone Marrow. This bone marrow comes with a side of chimi-churri, sea salt and toast. It is fatty and rich and delicious. (I apologize for the low lighting in this picture)
Oxtail with Scallops. This came with a fresh salad of grapes and nuts. I loved every bite of this. The oxtail was succulent. The lightness of the scallops paired well with the meat and salad.
Veal Tongue on Brioche. This is served with a side of grainy mustard, and sweet pickled celery. This dish honestly blew my mind. The veal was so tender it literally melted in my mouth. 

Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed the food at The Black Hoof. All I can really say is ...just go and try it for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed.

Happy Eating!
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