Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Rhino

The Rhino is definitely one of my 'go to' places when I'm wanting to chill and have drinks with friends. This bar/restaurant is located in Parkdale and has a massive beer selection as well as a full bar and food menu. The atmosphere at this place is relaxed and not fussy. During summer months, they have a pretty big outdoor patio that is perfect for summer night drinks.
In terms of food, The Rhino offers a straightforward menu that is very reasonably priced. Here is what I had on my last couple visits.
Food on Sticks! They have an assortment skewered appetizers you can mix and match to make your own little platters. It comes with a variety of different sauces for dipping. This one has dumplings, steak, satay chicken.
Shrimp, steak, lamb meatballs
Calamari, Tofu and Samosas.
Fish and Chips. This came with coleslaw and tar-tar sauce.
The portion size was massive...clearly
Overall, the food is descent. Food and drinks are pretty cheap at the Rhino. If you are wanting to hang out in a laid back environment, with music playing, and want the option of ordering any beer you can imagine....then come check out The Rhino. 

Happy Eating! 
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