Saturday, 22 December 2012

Richmond Station

I am a food network fanatic. Some would say addicted. Last year, I was huge fan of Top Chef Canada and watched each week until the winner: Chef Carl Heinrich was revealed! He recently opened the buzzing Toronto restaurant: Richmond Station. I am happy to say I finally ate here. 
Heres what I had:
Fresh Raspberry Apple Juice. This was very nice. Perfectly sweet and refreshing.
Polenta fries, with a spicy mayonnaise, and marinara sauce. I love polenta, but have never had it in fried form before. They were yummy. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
STN.Burger with aged cheddar, beet chutney, rosemary fries and radish salad. The burger was one of the juiciest burgers I have had in a while. It was cooked perfectly medium rare. I wanted more of the beet chutney on the burger, so I could really taste the sweet/salty pairing. But overall, it was a great burger. I particularly loved the dipping sauce for the fries.
Grilled Sea Bream with potato rosti, fennel puree, swiss chard and an herb salad. The fish was cooked perfectly. All the flavours worked well together. I enjoyed every bite of this.

Overall, I really loved my experience at Richmond Station. I sat facing into the open kitchen, and loved how interactive the chef's were with guests. Chef Carl even came out and introduced himself which was a bonus! I found the service to be excellent, and the atmosphere to be wonderful. You should definitely go check this place out!

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  1. I went to Richmond Station in November and ate the same thing you did - but it seems like we had completely different experiences! I thought the service was excellent but the food mediocre and overpriced! But maybe I should give it another chance?

    1. you know what? I went back again and ordered the polenta fries again, and I remember the second time wasn't as good as I remembered as the first! However, I did and still do think they make a great burger!