Friday, 16 March 2012

Best Pho Soups in the City (According to Moi!)

I love pho soup. In my opinion it is the perfect Vietnamese bowl of comfort. The flavorful broth, the rice noodles, the beef make for the perfect soothing dish.
Pho is one of my ‘go to’ meals if I’m craving good food for cheap. I have eaten a lot of pho’s around the city and some places just undeniably do it right.  
So here’s a list of the top 5 places that I believe offer the BEST pho in the city: 

Located on Ossington Street, this place serves up a truly scrumptious bowl of soup. It is always packed, the service is fast and the pho comes just as you like it and the prices are great!
Side note: Susur Lee apparently loves the pho here too! That’s gotta count for something!

The Golden Turtle is literally down the street from Pho Tien Tanh and offers a delicious pho.  Also recommended by Susur, Golden Turtle is usually filled with people all coming for the same thing: the great pho.

 I’ve reviewed this restaurant on my blog already, but it has to be included with the best pho’s in the city. Located on Spadina Street, in the heart of Chinatown, Pho Hung offers many excellent Vietnemese dishes but the soups steal the show for me. 

 Pho Phuang is located near Dundas and Dufferin St. Compared to the other Vietnamese restaurants listed above, this restaurant has a much nicer interior and better ambiance. Their pho is lovely and well priced. Try it!

Happy Eating!

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