Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Black Out!! - O'Noir Restaurant

Ever tried eating with your eyes closed?

It may sound like a weird idea, but eating in complete darkness is exactly what the interesting restaurant O’ Noir is all about.
O’ Noir is at the top of my list for THE most unique dining experience I have had to date. The idea behind this restaurant is diners come, order their food in advance, and eat in complete darkness. The point is to heighten your other senses and experience the meal in a different way. Throughout the dinner, your eyes do not adjust to the darkness; it is literally completely black the entire time. Your time there looks a little something like this: 

This makes for either 1) a fun unique time out with friends or 2) a place to take a not so attractive date.
What is also cool about this place is all servers are legally blind.  I have been to O’ Noir twice and would highly recommend the experience to anyone. The food was definitely tasty and the experience is out of the ordinary!

Happy Eating!
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