Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pho Hung Restaurant

I came to Pho Hung the other day to fill my Vietnamese soup craving.
Now I think it should be known, I have had pho literally all over the city.  These soups are like a big bowl of brothy, rice noodly comfort and I can’t seem to get enough.
In saying this, Pho Hung definitely stood strong next to some of my favorite pho restaurants in Toronto. It was packed with people and the pho soup itself was awesome. We also ordered frog’s leg (which were excellent) spring rolls, and a Vietnamese pancake.  

Frog Legs!
The spring rolls were super crispy and packed with flavour.
The pancake was tasty and filled with bean sprouts and some other vegetables. You were intended to put a piece of pancake on top of a piece of lettuce, and wrap the whole thing, then dip it in the fish sauce that comes along side. Delish! 
The soup was perfect and came with all the proper fixin’s on the side to add to its deliciousness. I’m a sucker for hoisin sauce, so I loaded mine up with that, and some hot sauce. 

My only complaint about this restaurant was the poor service.  I found the staff was not very friendly…at all. They also forgot one of our soups and it took forever to get their attention to order, pay etc. 

Overall verdict:  The Food: GREAT! The Service: NOT SO GREAT

Happy Eating! 

Pho Hung Restaurant

(416) 593-4274
350 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5T2G4
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