Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bubble Tea Makes Me Happy :)

I tried bubble tea for the first time a couple summers ago. My friend kept telling me how tasty it is and how I MUST try it. So I did.  My verdict: I really didn’t enjoy bubble tea. So much so that I told myself I would never have it again...

Until…last week.  I was walking with a friend and she insisted we make a stop at Tea Shop 168 to get a bubble tea. I, not so enthused about it, agreed. Maybe it was the different flavor combination or the lack of milk in the drink, but the bubble tea at this place was great! We ordered a cold green tea, with passion fruit and cherry flavoring and tapioca. It was refreshing and sweet. The tapioca balls (which I disliked the last time I tried bubble tea) this time around were lovely and added nice texture to the drink. Tea Shop 168 completely changed my perspective on Bubble tea! 

Whether you are a bubble tea virgin, or a frequent bubble tea drinker, I recommend trying out Tea Shop 168, and hope you have as lovely of an experience as I did. 

Happy Eating...or should I say drinking!

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