Tuesday, 13 March 2012

One of A Kind Dinner

The other month I experienced one of the more unique food experiences I’ve had in the city. It’s a ‘once a month’ themed dinner party that takes place in the home of gracious chef Clint Rampold.  This event is called ‘One of a kind Dinner’ and it lives up to the name completely. To make the night more interesting and entertaining guests are required to dress up for a specific theme. The theme for this past party was ‘Fairies and Dragons’ and the dress code: fantastical. I went as the Mad Hatter!
Every party consists of a 5-course meal, which guests pitch in 35 dollars and bring their own bottle of wine. * This is quite the steal * The food at the party included a goat cheese ball, gnocchi 3 ways, mushroom soup, venison and risotto and chocolate mousse with berry tower. Every course was prepared with the utmost integrity and technique. I was so surprised by how professional and restaurant-like the dinner was prepared and presented being that we were at a house dinner party.
(Photos from gailatlarge.com)
To be honest, I loved every moment of being there. All guests were social and fun to be around and to say the food was excellent is an understatement.

This fantastic dining experience only takes place once a month with around 20 people or so.  If you are interested in booking a spot to join the next party, check out this website:

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