Sunday, 11 March 2012

Domani Restaurant


Domani's Caesar Salad is without a doubt the tastiest Caesar Salad I've had.
I ate at Domani Restaurant in Roncesvalles the other night and came specifically for the Caesar salad.  I know Caesar salads are on tons of menus all over Toronto, but this particular Caesar is unique and has untraditional ingredients that pack a punch of flavor to this salad.
It is (obviously) a fresh homemade Caesar dressing atop crisp romaine, with the addition of sundried tomatoes, pickled garlic, and a generous amount of fresh shaved Parmesan cheese.  The dressing isn’t too gloopy or thick; rather it is light and perfectly coats each piece of the always fresh romaine.
If you are in the Roncesvalles area …you should really go try this salad.

After the salad I decided to order a pizza as well. I tried the Prosciutto Pizza, which was a thin crust, with cheese, prosciutto and fresh arugula.
It was a descent pie…not the best I’ve had but I was satisfied. 
Moral of this story: this place does as an amazing Caesar salad. And if you haven’t tried it …you are missing out! 

Happy Eating!

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