Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Top 5 'Go To' Pizza Places!

This is my favourite pizza place in Toronto. It is like a thin crust, wood oven heaven.
You can’t go wrong with any of the pizzas on the menu. The lunch special is well priced at 20 dollars for an appetizer, whole pizza (from a variety of types) and dessert. Not only are the pizza’s mouthwatering, but the quality of ingredients with the non-pizza items are equally delicious.
Go get a pizza here... right now.


A very close second for me, Pizza libretto serves up some delicious wood oven fresh pizza. Their lunch special is a little cheaper than Queen Margherita. 15 dollars gets you the same deal: appi, pizza and dessert…EXCEPT …the selection of pizza types is limited to 2 basic varieties for this price. Regardless, the pizza taste is amazing, and I have yet to be disappointed.
Side note: their Beef Carpaccio and Beet salad are excellent as well!


Okay, I know this place has gotten some hype about the recent drug busts and some illegal stuff that goes on…but for delivery/take out pizza, this is definitely my go to place.  They have a large selection of traditional toppings, and gourmet toppings. The crust is perfectly doughy and the flavors are always spot on!
If you’re sitting at home on a Sunday night, and want food brought right to your door…you should try Pizza Gigi’s. 


Terroni’s restaurant is delish! They serve excellent Italian food…and they do a great pizza. The pizza is thin crust, and very light. They use fresh high quality ingredients, and every bite seems to be tastier than the last!


I love the pizza at Il Gatto Nero. They offer a wide variety of pizza pies to choose from. My personal favourite is the Quatro Stagioni. This pizza is divided into 4 sections with different items on each section; artichokes, mushrooms, olives  and prosciutto.

If you are craving a mouth watering pizza and haven’t tried any of the above restaurants… then get up and go to one of them… right now. You won’t be disappointed!

Happy Eating! Queen Margherita Pizza on Urbanspoon Pizzeria Libretto on Urbanspoon Terroni - Queen on Urbanspoon Pizza Gigi on Urbanspoon Il Gatto Nero on Urbanspoon

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